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Full pitches and sample scripts are available through the British Comedy Guide Pro Pitch Centre for affiliated producers. 

In addition, if you are an independent producer and any of the following loglines spark your interest, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

optimism drives

A comedy about an inept governmental taskforce with a single remit, to restore the beleaguered nation's morale with a series of misguided policies: 'Optimism Drives.' They only had one job...

salvage operation

Hell hath no fury like a sweet, old lady sitting on your loot: A comedy drama, set in the Lake District, about two wannabe criminals whose perfect plan comes undone when a little, old lady refuses to move her caravan from the spot where they stashed their ill-gotten gains.


'Invincible' is a comedy-drama about what happens when the world's most unambitious man is accidentally gifted immortality.

Flash Fiction and short stories

I am excited and that some of my flash fiction pieces and short stories have been selected for publication in recent anthologies. 

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"Procrastination in 1,000 Words" was shortlisted for the Oxford Flash Fiction Prize. It is a fun look at procrastination and how we talk ourselves out of our biggest dreams. 

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Glittery Literary - Volume 3 - Anthology

"The Euphoria of Winning" was "Highly Commended" in the Glittery Literary Short Story Prize. It is about apreciating the small wins as life returns to normal. 

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BLINKPOT international flash fiction award - vol 1

"Reply to All" was long-listed for the Blinkpot International Flash Fiction Award. It is a flash about the dread that accompanies pressing send on that important email. 


topical comedy

In a world where the news is dominated by dreadful and depressing stories it is nice, sometimes, to find the lighter side of  current affaires.  Here are some of the topical comedy sites that I have contributed to. 

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News Thump

News Thump is a UK based satirical news website. 

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news Biscuit

News Biscuit is a British satirical news website.