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Review from "Healthy Books" website:

"If this picture [Book's front cover] doesn't make children want to brush their teeth, nothing will!  It seems it isn't just food that rots our teeth and causes problems - it's the 'sugarbugs'.  The sugarbugs (streptococcus mutans) eat the bits leftover on the teeth and, after eating, the obvious happens and they produce poo: "It's nasty stuff. It drips and runs, down your teeth, onto your gums."  It is this slime that auses holes in the teeth.  The rhyming couplets and the clever pictures of people with very large mouths with lots of teeth are great fun and the illustrations of the "sugarbug" certainly make one want to avoid him at all costs! We also learn that we should visit the dentists regularly.  Some facts at the back of the book like "armadillos have 104 teeth" add to the humour and the interest.  Children will love all the grunge, and the point will be taken instantly.  This should have them running for their toothbrushes."

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"Thanks Alex and Helen for writing and illustrating this wonderful book.  Our (nearly) four year old daughter, Kate, sometimes resists having her teeth cleaned at bedtime when she is very tired.  We read the book to her last night and she brushed her teeth without any protest (and she has been talking about sugarbugs today so the message has gone in).  Hope you sell lots of copies!"Mrs E. Whitaker - Nottingham  

 "We have just received your book in the post.  Thank you, first class service. 

"It looks the ideal gift for Christmas for the Grandchildren."  - Mr A Sutherland - Newcastle

"Just to say that I loved your book!  I'm one of the 5th year dental students at Newcastle and I will definitely be taking it into the Children's department to show all my patients and staff.  The idea of poo on their teeth will hopefully get them brushing more." - F Knight - Newcastle  

"I wanted to let you now how thrilled both my daughter and myself are with the book you and your sister did.  As I explained to you,  I was having trouble getting her to agree to me brushing her teeth, and had to hold her down while I did it on occassion!  After reading your book she wanted to brush her teeth twice last night - which was a miracle.  We loved the bright pictures and the words were very Yorkshire and child friendly.  Please pass on my congratulations to your sister. 

"I think that these books should be added to the bookstart bags the health visitors give out.  They'd definitely save a lot Mum's a lot of stress at teeth brushing time"Miss D Willoughby - Bradford

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"I was really excited to learn about "Open Wide, What's Inside?" and when I received the book I was not disappointed! The story is great at explaining to children how dental decay occurs on a level that they can understand and enjoy.  The rhyme that runs through the book is lovely to read and the illustrations compliment the story with bright and appealing colours and the very unique sugarbug characters.  My two children, who are 4 and 7 loved the book and so did I from a mother's and a dentist's perspective!  I will definitely be recommending the book to friends and patients too." - Dr Sally Higgins, Louth, Lincolnshire  
"Open Wide arrived safely this morning. I have read it and love it. I can think of a lot of people who would find this book VERY useful..." - Ms E Littlejohn - Hull, East Yorkshire  
Thank you!
We would also like to say thank you to Elanders Ltd, in Harrogate and Newcastle, the printers and media solutions company, who transformed our digital files into a real life book:  Thank you Leon, Leon and Peter.  Backpage c jpeg 2
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